It's going to be cold!

Just got a space confirmed with a fellow couchsurfer in Moscow! If you're not up on couchsurfing it's a sweet website that is perfect for travellers! Have a look at

So my host has warned me that the weather for next week is going to be mighty cold. Obviously I knew what the weather conditions could be like in Russia at this time of year, but now that I'm leaving in less than a week I'm starting to wonder whether I've prepared enough or not... Just how cold is -40?

Having been snow holing in -25 weather and ice climbing in -15 I know a little about how to cope with these conditions. Apparently though the traditional layering thinking backfires in Russian cities as you spend your whole time going from -25 outside to +25 inside where you then spend 5 minutes tearing off layers to cool off!

So I've got my thermals and everything else I think I need... If it comes to it I figure a nice cheap down jacket will be the way to go, but I'll just have to learn the hard way :-) which is usually the most fun way!

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